Commercial HVAC Optimization Program

Optimization vs. Standard



Conventional HVAC maintenance services focus on a general operations inspection and a few basic maintenance tasks such as servicing the filter and cleaning the coil of covered units. This is simply not enough to maintain the long term integrity of your HVAC unit.

conventional approach

  1. Refrigerant charge adjustment
  2. Condenser coil cleaning
  3. Filter replacement


The PG&E supported ANSI/ASHRAE/ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Standard is a comprehensive, properly sequenced maintenance program that helps improve energy efficiency and reliability, equipment life, thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

  1. Refrigeration control panel
  2. Fresh air, return, & exhaust air dampers
  3. Filter section
  4. Electrical disconnect
  5. Refrigerant & refrigerant compressor
  6. Burner section
  7. Return air fan/motor & supply fan/motor
  8. Condenser coil
  9. Condenser fan/motor
  10. Cooling coil

Did You Know?

Customers who switch from a “service only when needed” plan to the Commercial HVAC Optimization Program can save up to $500/year/unit* in operating, servicing and repair costs! Even customers who operate with a regular “check-based” plan could save up to $260/year/unit*.

*Values reflect national average based on a 10-ton cooling capacity unit.

Did You Know?

Customers who participate in the Gold Tier of the Commercial HVAC Optimization Program can receive up to $3,836 in incentives per unit!

Did You Know?

The Commercial HVAC Optimization Program is designed for rooftop package and split-system units, and can help to lower your HVAC operating, repair and replacement costs, and to minimize system failures that can threaten business operations.

Did You Know?

You can save even more! PG&E offers your business many ways to save. Get more information on PG&E’s Energy Efficiency Programs and incentives by visiting

Did You Know?

The Commercial HVAC Optimization Program offers Incentives, paid directly to the customer and the contractor, to help offset the incremental cost of the Optimization service agreement! Find a Participating Contractor to get started!

Did You Know?

In Northern California, one-third of a typical commercial building’s energy usage comes from HVAC systems 1 and PG&E’s Commercial HVAC Optimization Program can
help you lower HVAC operating costs.

1 CEUS 3/2006 Report

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