Commercial HVAC Optimization Program

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Program Benefits

Program Benefits

Eligible Customers

Eligible customers must have a non-residential electric service account with PG&E and must pay into the public purpose fund (or have an approved exemption). Multi-family buildings and residential buildings are not eligible.

To verify the eligibility of any site, you can contact the contractors listed for your area and they can both verify the eligibility of your account as well as provide an estimate of incentives that are available to you.

Eligible Equipment

HVAC equipment must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the program:

  • Type: Air cooled roof-top, split-system, Variable Air Volume (VAV), or heat pump units. Typically, units referred to as “Package or Split Systems” qualify. Units may not be water cooled chillers or provide chilled water.
  • Components: Must have a DX coil. Units may not include a variable speed compressor.
  • Capacity/size: Greater than or equal to three tons of cooling capacity
  • Age: Must be in service for more than one year after installation
  • Program Double Dipping: Units may not have been treated under the Air Care Plus (ACP) Program within the past five years or the Commercial Quality Maintenance Program (CQM) within the past five years. If units have an ACP or CQM sticker near the name plate of the equipment, it indicates previous participation in one of these programs; but final determination of eligibility and past program participation will be determined by the Optimization Program team.

Note: Customer may have a mix of eligible and ineligible units on-site, with incentives available for only the Qualified Units.

Eligible Contractors

Only participating HVAC Optimization Program contractors can service units under the program and must satisfy the program’s contractor qualification requirements. All participating contractors receive comprehensive training designed on the ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 maintenance guidelines.

Businesses Save Even More

PG&E offers your business many ways to save. Get more information on PG&E’s Energy Efficiency Programs and incentives by visiting

Did You Know?

The Commercial HVAC Optimization Program is designed for rooftop package and split-system units, and can help to lower your HVAC operating, repair and replacement costs, and to minimize system failures that can threaten business operations.

Did You Know?

In Northern California, one-third of a typical commercial building’s energy usage comes from HVAC systems 1 and PG&E’s Commercial HVAC Optimization Program can help you lower HVAC operating costs.

1 CEUS 3/2006 Report

Did You Know?

The Commercial HVAC Optimization Program offers Incentives, paid directly to the customer and the contractor, to help offset the incremental cost of the Optimization service agreement! Find a Participating Contractor to get started!

Did You Know?

You can save even more! PG&E offers your business many ways to save. Get more information on PG&E’s Energy Efficiency Programs and incentives by visiting

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