Commercial HVAC Optimization Program

Help your customers get the most out of their HVAC units

Program Benefits

Program Benefits

Contractor Eligibility

To become an approved PG&E HVAC Optimization Service Contractor you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be in business for a minimum of five years
  • Employ a minimum of three full-time certified HVAC technicians (trade school with a minimum of five years’ service experience)
  • Meet financial stability requirements which may include credit report
  • Comply with PG&E background check requirements for each field employee
  • Provide three local references from commercial customers with contracts of $10,000 or greater for a period of more than three years
  • Carry the minimum insurance requirements
  • Present proof of a minimum of a C-20 and/or C-10 license (C-10 can only provide EVC installation services.)

Technician Eligibility

In order for technicians to be eligible to participate, they must satisfy the below Optimization Program requirements:

  • Completion of a union or certified trade school HVAC Training Program or have a minimum of verifiable HVAC service experience.
  • Hold a Universal or Class II EPA Certificate.
  • Have a minimum of two years’ commercial HVAC service experience.
  • Avoided conviction of a felony or misdemeanor within the past seven years.

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Once approved, all participating contractors receive comprehensive training designed on the ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180-based QM Service program.

Maintaining Contractor Eligibility

In order to maintain eligibility in the program you must:

Maintain License, bonding and insurance as required by the CSLB and the Contractor Participation Agreement for this program.

Maintain an 80% pass rate on all Quality Assurance inspections of units enrolled in the program.

Maintain 2 technicians trained in the program requirements at all times.

Enroll no less than 25 units per quarter as part of the market transformation effort.

Contractors that fail to meet this requirement are notified, placed on an “inactive” status, and removed from the “Find a Participating Contractor” list.

Did You Know?

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Did You Know?

In Northern California, one-third of a typical commercial building’s energy usage comes from HVAC systems 1 and PG&E’s Commercial HVAC Optimization Program can
help you lower HVAC operating costs.

1 CEUS 3/2006 Report

Did You Know?

Customers who switch from a “service only when needed” plan to the Commercial HVAC Optimization Program can save up to $500/year/unit* in operating, servicing and repair costs! Even customers who operate with a regular “check-based” plan could save up to $260/year/unit*.

*Values reflect national average based on a 10-ton cooling capacity unit.

Did You Know?

The Commercial HVAC Optimization Program is designed for rooftop package and split-system units, and can help to lower your HVAC operating, repair and replacement costs, and to minimize system failures that can threaten business operations.

Did You Know?

The Commercial HVAC Optimization Program offers Incentives, paid directly to the customer and the contractor, to help offset the incremental cost of the Optimization service agreement! Find a Participating Contractor to get started!

Did You Know?

Customers who participate in the Gold Tier of the Commercial HVAC Optimization Program can receive up to $3,836 in incentives per unit!


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